2014 Event Chair

Cathy Dietz

Marketing & Community Outreach

Kristina Craig

Antoinette Nance-Mose

Andrea Wade

Visual Arts
Peg Luecke

Ben Roseland

Performing Arts

Dr. Bob Gross

JP Ablanalp

Matt Hernsberger

Aaron Nichols

Culinary Arts

Carol Meehan

Brent Spring

Ashley Katlun


Kylie Carter

Marcia Qualls
Cathy Dietz

Additional support by DTSB staff, Ambassadors and Board of Directors.


"Art Beat can't be beat. Where else can 7,000 people – from young professionals and senior citizens to families with children – gather for a unique and authentic celebration of South Bend's creativity and vitality? Come and see why arts and culture are thriving downtown!"

— Former Mayor Stephen J. Luecke

Art Beat

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